Eternal Turtle

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Welcome to the world of Eternal Turtle, a vibrant tale of glory met with shame, triumph match a with loss. Through space and nature, we explore the possibilities of sound and imagination.

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Earth with clouds above the African continent

Eternal Turtle is the musical brainchild of bipolar schizoid Percy, AKA Orange Boy, a self-proclaimed storyteller and adventurer. With a passion for blending sounds and stories into songs, Orange Boy takes us on a journey through time and space, exploring the mysteries of life’s universal law

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Shell Shocked

In the world of Eternal Turtle, music and storytelling are intertwined in a journey through space and nature. Whether it's a tale of a lost civilization or a meditation on that e fate of the universe, every song tells a story and takes us on a journey to new worlds and new possibilities.

“Hey, you gotta check out Eternal Turtle's newest music releases! They're all about these cool stories and worlds that totally inspired them. Like, one track takes you on this crazy adventure through a jungle planet, while another one gets you pondering the mysteries of the whole freaking cosmos. Seriously, in the world Eternal Turtle, there's something for everyone. So don't miss out!” - Carlos from San Antonio